We started making our own products, as we realised that a lot of our clients are on a budget. These are just a few pieces of the magic we make, and have plenty more available in our offline inventory. We would like to assure you that we use the same materials as their authentic counterparts for EVERYTHING at our studio - meaning, our quality of materials and craftsmanship is consistent no matter what we are working on - and are of the highest OEM standard.

Securing the OEM materials utilized by designer brands is a result of our extensive involvement in the European leather restoration industry for numerous decades. As esteemed purchasers of luxury leathers and materials, we have cultivated strong relationships within the industry, enabling us to access authentic materials. Our longstanding presence and connections have positioned us to acquire these materials, ensuring that our remade luxury products reflect the original quality and authenticity.

Our products boast all authenticity tags, cards, blind stamps, serial numbers, and more, meticulously reflecting their manufacturing year and identification codes with precision. We firmly reject the notion that luxury should be exclusive and instead champion its accessibility for all. Our commitment to authenticity is such that our customers can confidently stroll into luxury boutiques with our items, which are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. We openly challenge anyone to test the authenticity of our products.

This dedication stems from our frustration with witnessing poor replicas circulating and causing embarrassment to unsuspecting owners. We strive to empower our customers with the confidence that our products are truly indistinguishable, allowing them to exude pride and elegance without compromise.

Our priority is to create a long-lasting relationship of trust with our clients through honest and transparent communications.