JPG Shoulder Birkin

Hermès bags are the most coveted handbags in the world, and have been for decades. Together with premium leathers and extraordinary craftsmanship, this enduring allure ensures Hermès bags hold their value as collectibles. Born as the spacious and sporty solution for a busy woman on the go, the Birkin purse was one of the original “It Bags” and has become one of fashion’s most exclusive status symbols. 

Every single one of our Hermès products are painstakingly hand-stitched from luxurious leathers and materials, buffed and polished by skilled Hermès artisans who have dedicated their lives to their craft and the Hermès brand.

Our module is designed to ensure that all the Hermès products in our closet are authentic, and impeccably crafted from start to finish to insure its authenticity. Many believe that what is classed as ‘fine’ or ‘luxury’ has to do with the materials used, i.e. exotic skins or more expensive mainstream leathers such as shell Cordova. But finesse is more than just skin deep, it goes much, much further into a commodity more valuable than any exotic skin available; craftsmanship.

Luxury is attention to detail and skilled hand work combined with the finest materials, where price and time isn’t a primary consideration. We have spent years putting together a team that works with absolute exactitude and precision to help you fulfill your Hermès wishlist.

Our curated collection of Hermés bags online are pictures of the finished product of our products. These were made according to Hermés actual product - some customized according to our clients' wants (Special order), and sold respectively. We do not make and hold stock of our Hermés products as each and everyone of them is painstakingly handmade from start to finish by our in-house artisans. 

We create luxury on demand; our Hermés bags take us approximately 15 days to make. Your order will arrive with its complete boutique packaging as well as inserts. You will receive your order as if you bought it directly from Hermés.

Customisation of hardware, colour and material is more than welcome (according to Hermès colours and materials); create your very own Hermès bag with us.