Unauthorized Authentic (UA) products are extremely rare but not impossible to find, this term is defined as the same as retail, but are not officially contracted with those companies to be made - or are leftovers from overproduction.

As well as making our own products, we sell 'unauthorized authentic' luxury. What does this mean? Well, contrary to popular belief, luxury brand fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Céline, etc., commission private manufacturers to produce their products. The large, luxury fashion houses that jump to mind when most people think of fashion usually, manufacture their apparel products in multiple places, because they have project management teams, dedicated craftsman liaisons, and financial resources to do so. For these brands, it’s not just about the sticker price, it’s about the brand's image. In saying this, it's about the premium quality of the piece and the high-end fabric that it is made of. Their customers expect the best and gladly pay for it, and the factories must deliver. But, there is more to the production side that you are unaware of, because you are the customer. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best from the best.

High end craftsmanship from overseas is a gold standard repeatedly trusted by many luxury fashion houses, including the ones listed above. However, if you don't speak the same language as fashion's top producers or actively work in the geographic markets where they're located, it's usually impossible to get in touch with these kinds of storied artisans.


  • Most of them do not have a website and if they do, it's likely not written in English, nor is it SEO optimized, making it difficult to find. Why? Expert manufacturers prefer to focus their time, not on the computer, but actually working on clothing requests.
  • English proficiency among overseas artisans can be hit or miss, which may make communication difficult for any fashion designer who does not speak additional languages.
  • Most top luxury clothing factories located abroad rely on brokers or distribution companies to manage relationships with fashion designer clients. These types of companies pass their fees onto the designers in the form of high commissions attached to the cost for manufactured clothing units.

After years of networking, The Haute Archive has built relationships with international affluent clientele and luxury manufacturers, and following our success as innovators, The Haute Archive has persuaded our luxury manufacturer friends to not burn their over-production, but instead let us offer it to you.