We are unlike Asian vendors (they're brokers, actually) who serve as agents for mass production counterfeit factories in China, Thailand, Turkey, etc. 

We know that some look at our prices and gasp, because "I can get a replica way cheaper". Ironically, you know that luxury is not cheap, that is why you are here. It is quite strange for us to try to understand the logic behind a certain caliber of people wanting luxury cheap.

Wanting something at a lower price but expect the same European Standard; we had visitors who say they can get the exact same bag from China Town for one-third of the price we retail ours at. We made these visitors a bet, and dared them to compare. Needless to say, they've been existing customers for almost five years.

Our products are made from the exact same fabric, leathers and materials as the ones in store at famous luxury boutiques. We do not mass produce, and we do not compromise on quality to cut costs. Each and every product at The Haute Archive is made meticulously under the European standard. You may argue that there are different quality of replicas, and assume that we have just another one of the "very good replicas". You're wrong. Your knowledge on replicas is incorrect, too. In actuality, there isn't a single Asian counterfeit factory out there that is producing replicas. Yes, read that again.

There is only one quality of replica, and that is called a REPLICA - by definition an exact copy or model of something, especially one on a smaller scale. There is no such thing as AA, AAA or any other term that's widely used to describe different qualities of production. THEY DO NOT EXIST. IT IS ALL THE SAME. A GIMMICK TO MAKE SALES. An exact copy means perfection, and that is not what you are getting from your favourite Baidu-Translating Chinese friend. You cannot categorize a replica into divisions of quality as it is mean to to a perfect copy with exactitude.

What you get is not even leather. Yes, it looks, feels, smells and even has similar durability as leather - but it is not leather. The counterfeit industry have pioneered some of the most arbitrary and innovative low cost materials (cheap and toxic) that mimic luxury materials such as metals and leather. You're happy with your $250 bag that cost $13 to produce, because you are unsuspecting customer - and victim of a brutal industry that doesn't give you value for your money.

You get what you pay for; you're paying for inferior bags that are painfully obvious to spot as fakes - even from afar when you're choosing the "cheaper" option. STOP. PLEASE. IT IS EMBARRASSING! Your bag from your favourite replica vendor is nothing like the authentic product and there are passerbys out there who easily spot it.

THESE FACTORIES PRACTICE GROSS ANIMAL ABUSE, AS WELL. We do not only advocate against animal cruelty, but also believe in sustainable living and business ethics.